Travels as the Biggest Inspiration for Architects

Inspiration travels are not a new thing. The world is full of wonders. Hence, it is an endless source of inspiration for unique ideas. People often travel for work instead of just for leisure. It is like a two in one deal. You not only get to move out of your comfort zone, boring surroundings and freshen up, but you can be actually motivated to be more productive at your work. In this article, you will get all you need to know about traveling (mostly about the Amazon River trips) and its influence on architects’ productivity and inspiration.

Do Architects Travel?

Architects have an interesting job. Their work combines multiple elements. It is art and science at the same time. We have a fair amount of famous architects to be grateful for given some of the most magnificent structures in the modern world.

The architecture also has a rich history. It has been a part of many ancient civilizations. The art and science of ancient architecture have been incorporated into the latest studies. That is why we can see the inspiration from history in modern architecture. It is not about how a building looks, it is also about its strength, feasibility, and convenience.

For years, architects have traveled the world to inspire themselves. The greatest architectural structures of our world cannot be conceived without interesting inspirations. Inspiration does not always have to come from other physical structures. Nature itself provides interesting ideas, which we can incorporate into our infrastructure.

Amazon and Architecture

Architects from around the world travel for work to come up with unique ideas for their projects. This has taken many of them towards Amazon, which is the largest rainforest in the world. While it is shared by several countries, the biggest part is contained in Brazil.

It is often referred to as the heart of the Amazon and home of 2 million people. The city is in the depths of the jungle. Plane or the single highway into the town can only reach it.

The architecture of the city is quite interesting. While native Brazilians lived in the rainforest, the Europeans that came during the 1800s left their own architectural influence. They wanted to make Brazil look like the Paris of the Amazon and they made this possible in an Amazonian manner.

Brazil, and even other countries that share the Amazon River have plenty to offer to the architects who travel for work in order to find new ideas.

Overview of the Brazilian Architecture

Let us start with the Brazilian houses. Most of the houses crowd around the river. You will see boats scattered along the edge of the river, as it happens to be the livelihood for many living in the town. It creates this picturesque aura when viewed from afar. Architects would be interested in what materials the local people make use of.

The Sao Sabastio Square in Manaus features a stone floor that is more than just a stone. It is actually a motif representation of the Rio Negro and the Solimoes rivers, which make up the Amazon River.

When talking about some vintage-style architecture, Brazil will not disappoint you as you can experience the Amazonas Opera House. It was built in 1882 and its design can be credited to the Italian designer, Crispim do Amaral. He spared no expense when he mapped out a 701-seat theater. While it features Venetian glass blown chandeliers and Rococo furniture, it also contains the local Brazilian wood. The Italian designer sent the wood to be crafted in Europe. In one of the Palace’s private corners for the trompe l’oeil, you will find a floor of light and dark-colored wood. This is again another representation of the rivers meets.

Some of the city’s beauty is in a dilapidated condition now, but it does not take away the charm. Architects will still be able to find something during their inspiration travels. For example, you will witness Grand Art Nouveau atrium and regal neoclassical buildings combined with thatch roofs.

Taking the Amazon Boat Tours

In order to discover the Amazon and the town beyond in their full glory, an architect seeking inspiration should indulge in Amazon boat tours.

You can choose a tour that suits your preferences. Since the area in the Amazon is vast, you can always come back, taking a different type of tour to keep discovering. The essence of the Amazon in terms of architecture is that you do not just have to explore the cities and towns to find inspiration. The rainforest itself is an inspiration. Especially, when the architects of the world are moving towards greener ideas.

Amazon is history and nature combined in one package. An architect would simply love it. If you are one seeking to travel for work and gather new ideas, then you should definitely visit Amazon. It is a classic vacation on its own, where you can meet amazing tourists and local people, as well as motivation to make something great out of your latest project.

How to Travel to the Amazon River?

If you are planning to visit the Amazon region to seek ideas for your architectural project, then you will have to hire a cruise boat. These are river boats that offer varying tours through the Amazon. Depending on your budget and what places you would like to experience in the region, you can select the type of cruise and the itinerary.


Amazon River cruises will give you the time to appreciate the beauty of the Amazon Rainforest and the islands and towns that lay beyond. Travel for work and not only. Visit interesting places in Brazil and the other countries that share the Amazon, because they are worthy of note.