Creating a Cozy Minimalist Kitchen of Your Dream

kitchen minimalism

Everyone loves and craves for the beautiful kitchen set, the one that you will be glad to share its pictures on twitter, tinder and everywhere else with different harsh tags. Well, fantasies and dreams may be just great to create a unique kitchen design. You can buy modern tables from well-known stool store, choose the white color of the interior for your kitchen with the abundance of plants and greenery. However, today it became more popular to use a minimalist and modern design. Thanks to this post, you will learn how to create a Cozy Minimalist Kitchen of Your Dream.

A well-lit, open and natural kitchen is always modern. Many people have been stuck to the conservative kitchen furniture, which includes the dining chairs and kitchen stools. However, it is time to revamp your kitchen. So, why not start your way with replacing your old and ancient kitchen furnituredining chair and bar stools with new age artistic and simple sets?

Why Cozy Minimalism Works

The kitchen is the focal point of every home. Not only parents spend their hours each day cooking something tasty for their family. Children sidle up to the kitchen bar for after-school snacks or go to the kitchen to do their homework. That is why it should be comfortable and cozy. Many people think that the minimalist kitchen design is one of the best ways to create a warm atmosphere in your kitchen. The minimalist kitchen is easy to clean. It can look chic with modern interior décor. A minimalist design can help to relieve the clutters of small as well as spacious home. Moreover, the efficient, as well as comfortable kitchen design makes every day work a pleasurable and just great experience. 

Choosing The Right Kitchen Furniture

Choosing the right kitchen furniture will entail choosing the right quality as well as the right company to purchase the best furniture for your kitchen.

Quality is quite essential in influencing kitchen requirements. Buying will include analyzing the credibility and track record of the company to ensure kitchen furniture is of impeccable standards meeting effectiveness and durability standards. Checking out different showroom kitchens will offer great ideas to ponder on before making the final decision of acquiring the right kitchen furniture. This may include visiting showroom kitchen near you and checking out how certain kitchen furniture will auger with the wall and entire kitchen surrounding.

Minimalist Furniture

When going for a minimalist kitchen, one of the core factors to consider is to ensure that the kitchen set will offer a general feel of an organized kitchen set as well as throwing more shade on the texture of the surrounding.  Going for the minimalist furniture will include assessing and picking what is the right fit for the kitchen and de-cluttering the kitchen surrounding.  This will also include a consideration of the kitchen space, which is a vital resource when it comes to the kitchen furnishings. Cross checking different furniture items may stand to be a valuable use of time to ensure that minimalist furniture items selected will be free from any errors and mistakes that could be corrected earlier enough. You may also need to ensure that the fitting of every other cabinet, shelves, and stool in their exact places is precise and no room for error is allowed. This can be achieved by taking a measurement of the kitchen and intended places for different items and comparing with what is available in the different show rooms.

Bar Stools Online

With the need to revamp the minimalist kitchen from a conservative mindset, the following are great bar stools online against the traditional counter stools, which are lower in height: faux leather, leather back stool, wicker seat stool and microfiber among others. The faux leather stool is a great stool, which is basically made from fax leather which offers a sense of comfort and authenticity to the kitchen. The leather back stool is also another great bar stool idea, which offers extra comfort and convenience to the user by availing a back comfort. Stools made from wicker material and microfibers are great options as kitchen seats to leave a more appealing and simple kitchen.

Extra High Bar Stools

Bar stools online are higher than the traditional counter stools but the extra high bar stools are even higher than the normal bar stools found in the kitchen. The extra high bar stools can be a good option especially in the case of the kitchen surface being more than the standard 33-36” measure. Great options to consider for the extra high bar stools include one with arms, the upholstered one, backless and swivel type.

Minimalism Interior Design

The minimalism interior design will augment quite well with the idea of kitchen minimalism. By streamlining the furniture needs, simplifying the color scheme and focusing on the core function both the minimalism interior design and minimizing goals will be attained.


A minimalist kitchen design is a dream of those who are looking for a contemporary, comfortable and functional style design. Minimalist kitchen design is a perfect solution for those who are looking for a modern as well as easy to keep neat and tidy kitchen.

Interior Design Colors Do Affect Your Mood

color and mood tells all about human beauty and how to take care of our health to stay fresh and beautiful. People like as well as appreciate those who take care of themselves and try to express themselves. Thus, everyone wants to be unique, not similar to the “grey” mass of the population. One tries to buy fashionable clothes, accurately choosing the most suitable color to express his or her personality. Colors mean a lot. They can tell who you are as well as show your mood. The same thing is about the colors we choose for interior design for our home. The colors of your interior design of the room have a direct reflection of your personality.

Some of us may not go to think about anything while selecting the color or design of the interior of the room. But it is a fact that the color of our room as well as interior itself, affect our mood on a regular basis. There is no need to worry about the trends to have a beautiful home. Color trends are not going to last forever that is going to be changed with passing the time. So, you just have to choose the colors that can easily reflect your personality as well as your own preferences. A better trick for getting the best results is to use blended colors for the ones you want to get into some pleasant combinations.

Human Psychology and Interior Design Colors

Interior design color can influence the thoughts and mood of someone staying there. Color affects mood in different ways, which is purely depending on the age, climate, gender and ethnic background of a person. Some group of colors may get a similar reaction from the people who belong to a different age, gender, and climate even. Variations of the colors can vary because of tone or shade of the color that is being used. So, it is better to have a better decision when it comes to house interior design color.

It is not difficult to get a happy mood while staying at home or in your room. You can use the psychology of interior design, to get the most comfortable colors and design of the interior of your house. There is no need to change the entire look of your house. Only small positive changing of the interior of the house can change the entire look and make your mood better with that. Some colors and their combinations can evoke the positive feelings that can help in making your mood better.

How can you get the interior design ideas for your house that can create feelings of happiness, safety, comfort, and love in your room? It is easy to do if you make some changes in the color theme or layout of your interior design. There can be a lot of ideas, functionalities or range of colors that you have in mind for the interior design of your house. You just need to be pure and stay true while describing what you want to have. This can help your interior designer to bring the real emotions of you out that you may not be able to consider.

Try to Make a Wise Decision 

Choosing colors for the interior design of your house can be the most daunting task to do. A color has enough power to change the shape and size of the things around you. Color is even able to change the shape of your room! If you have the idea about the colors and human psychology associated with that color, the selection of the color for your room or interior of your room won’t be difficult.

Each color can define a psychological term. Focus on the fact that how a specific color is able to make you feel something. Color combinations can depict any emotion.  To create the association of positive emotions, it is recommended to wisely choose the color scheme of your interior. Thus, you need to select the right shade and tone of the color for the interior of your house (as some colors in heavy amount can have an opposite effect on you).

Different Room Colors and Their Effect on Your Mood

Colors have only three basic ways to act. One is active, second is passive, and the third is neutral. You can get different colors for your different rooms according to your wish, the purpose of the room and your taste. The light color interior design is a bit expansive. Light colors can make the look of your room larger and brighter. While dark colors are known as warm and sophisticated. Dark colors can give a room a more intimate look.

Have a closure look on different colors their influence on mood:


Red can raise the energy level of the room. It can be a better choice for you when you want to stimulate the excitement, especially at night time. While red color in the dining room draws the people together and excites conversations. The use of red color at the point of entry creates the strong impression.


Blue is known best for downing the blood pressure and slowing the heart rate. That is why blue is known best for the sign of relaxation and calmness. Blue is the most recommended color for the bedrooms and bathrooms in your house.


Yellow is known as a color to bring the joy of sunshine. Selecting the yellow color can be a better option for your kitchen, dining or bathroom. It can give an energizing effect. If you want to apply yellow color in the hall or at the entry place, it can give an expansive and welcoming effect.


In the darkest value, purple can have a sophisticated and dramatic effect. Most commonly, the purple color is linked with creativity and luxury. But if you are going to use it as a secondary color, it will give a scheme depth.

Neutral Colors

Neutral colors include black, gray, brown and white colors. These are the most common and basic colors that you can find in the kit of every decorator. These colors are all time in trend. You can use these colors to boost the things up.


You can contact the interior designers to get better ideas about the color schemes for your different areas of the house. You can visit interior design Barcelona to get information about the best and the most suitable design of the interior for your house. 

Travels as the Biggest Inspiration for Architects

travel and work

Inspiration travels are not a new thing. The world is full of wonders. Hence, it is an endless source of inspiration for unique ideas. People often travel for work instead of just for leisure. It is like a two in one deal. You not only get to move out of your comfort zone, boring surroundings and freshen up, but you can be actually motivated to be more productive at your work. In this article, you will get all you need to know about traveling (mostly about the Amazon River trips) and its influence on architects’ productivity and inspiration.

Do Architects Travel?

Architects have an interesting job. Their work combines multiple elements. It is art and science at the same time. We have a fair amount of famous architects to be grateful for given some of the most magnificent structures in the modern world.

The architecture also has a rich history. It has been a part of many ancient civilizations. The art and science of ancient architecture have been incorporated into the latest studies. That is why we can see the inspiration from history in modern architecture. It is not about how a building looks, it is also about its strength, feasibility, and convenience.

For years, architects have traveled the world to inspire themselves. The greatest architectural structures of our world cannot be conceived without interesting inspirations. Inspiration does not always have to come from other physical structures. Nature itself provides interesting ideas, which we can incorporate into our infrastructure.

Amazon and Architecture

Architects from around the world travel for work to come up with unique ideas for their projects. This has taken many of them towards Amazon, which is the largest rainforest in the world. While it is shared by several countries, the biggest part is contained in Brazil.

It is often referred to as the heart of the Amazon and home of 2 million people. The city is in the depths of the jungle. Plane or the single highway into the town can only reach it.

The architecture of the city is quite interesting. While native Brazilians lived in the rainforest, the Europeans that came during the 1800s left their own architectural influence. They wanted to make Brazil look like the Paris of the Amazon and they made this possible in an Amazonian manner.

Brazil, and even other countries that share the Amazon River have plenty to offer to the architects who travel for work in order to find new ideas.

Overview of the Brazilian Architecture

Let us start with the Brazilian houses. Most of the houses crowd around the river. You will see boats scattered along the edge of the river, as it happens to be the livelihood for many living in the town. It creates this picturesque aura when viewed from afar. Architects would be interested in what materials the local people make use of.

The Sao Sabastio Square in Manaus features a stone floor that is more than just a stone. It is actually a motif representation of the Rio Negro and the Solimoes rivers, which make up the Amazon River.

When talking about some vintage-style architecture, Brazil will not disappoint you as you can experience the Amazonas Opera House. It was built in 1882 and its design can be credited to the Italian designer, Crispim do Amaral. He spared no expense when he mapped out a 701-seat theater. While it features Venetian glass blown chandeliers and Rococo furniture, it also contains the local Brazilian wood. The Italian designer sent the wood to be crafted in Europe. In one of the Palace’s private corners for the trompe l’oeil, you will find a floor of light and dark-colored wood. This is again another representation of the rivers meets.

Some of the city’s beauty is in a dilapidated condition now, but it does not take away the charm. Architects will still be able to find something during their inspiration travels. For example, you will witness Grand Art Nouveau atrium and regal neoclassical buildings combined with thatch roofs.

Taking the Amazon Boat Tours

In order to discover the Amazon and the town beyond in their full glory, an architect seeking inspiration should indulge in Amazon boat tours.

You can choose a tour that suits your preferences. Since the area in the Amazon is vast, you can always come back, taking a different type of tour to keep discovering. The essence of the Amazon in terms of architecture is that you do not just have to explore the cities and towns to find inspiration. The rainforest itself is an inspiration. Especially, when the architects of the world are moving towards greener ideas.

Amazon is history and nature combined in one package. An architect would simply love it. If you are one seeking to travel for work and gather new ideas, then you should definitely visit Amazon. It is a classic vacation on its own, where you can meet amazing tourists and local people, as well as motivation to make something great out of your latest project.

How to Travel to the Amazon River?

If you are planning to visit the Amazon region to seek ideas for your architectural project, then you will have to hire a cruise boat. These are river boats that offer varying tours through the Amazon. Depending on your budget and what places you would like to experience in the region, you can select the type of cruise and the itinerary.


Amazon River cruises will give you the time to appreciate the beauty of the Amazon Rainforest and the islands and towns that lay beyond. Travel for work and not only. Visit interesting places in Brazil and the other countries that share the Amazon, because they are worthy of note.

How to Remove Tobacco or Weed Smoke Smell out of Your Dwelling?

cannabis and cigarette smell

No one wants to live in a home that reeks of cannabis and cigarette smell. The odor can cling to the curtains, furniture, clothes, and linger in the air for hours. This can be especially troubling if someone is visiting you and you don’t want them to know about your smoking habits. The easiest solution to this problem is to smoke outside. You can do this when you’re enjoying a cigarette, but most weed smokers prefer to do so in private as they don’t want anyone to know they take marijuana. That means, they don’t smoke in public so their home is full of unpleasant odors. Fortunately, there are some ways to remove the smoke or weed stench from your environment. The cigarette and marijuana smell removal tips mentioned in this article will leave your home smelling wonderful.

1. Air Freshener

 This is a quick and handy way to remove all smoke odors from your room. However, you need a good-quality air freshener for it. Frequently, the air fresheners just mask the odors, which isn’t a very effective way against strong smoke and marijuana odors. Look for an air freshener that is potent enough to overwhelm the smoke from pure green weed or cigarette. That can help to ensure the stench isn’t very noticeable. While there will be some weed and cigarette smoke still lingering in the air, the freshener will make it less obvious.

2. Open All Windows

 Opening all the windows to let fresh air in, is a tried and tested solution for smoke and avoid marijuana odors. It works particularly well if it is daytime and the air outside is breezy. The fresh air will circulate indoors and push the stale air out. You can help the process by using fans and by opening any door to the room. This process takes some time and can alert your neighbors if you live in an apartment building, but it is an effective way to remove cannabis smoke nonetheless.

3. Use Air Purifier

 Air purifiers are an effective way to remove cannabis smoke because they remove smoke particles from your environment instead of simply masking them.

There are three types of air purifiers, which you can use:

  • An Electric Air Purifier

It will ionize the smoke or odor-causing particles with an electric field. These particles will become trapped in the collection plate which you can remove later.

  • Ionizers

They work similarly to electric air purifiers. They create an electric field and ionize all odor particles, which drop to the ground and can be cleaned up.

  • HEPA or High-Efficiency Particulate Air Purifiers

They have charcoal air filters that soak up all odor-causing particles from the air. You can clean or replace these filters regularly to remove all those particles.

Using air purifiers is the fuss-free solution. You don’t need to worry about eliminating odors manually every time you smoke. This is a one-time expense with a long-term benefit. The purifiers will keep your home environment clean even when you don’t smoke.

4. Use Strong Cleaning Products

 You can do this as a follow-up to the air freshener process. Strong cleaners have a distinctive scent that can overwhelm almost everything. Just clean the visible surfaces with these strong cleaning products and you will have a room that smells fresh and sanitized. In most cases, the smell of smoke will not survive this thorough cleaning process. This can be done quickly and is a useful tip for people who don’t have enough supplies in hand.

5. Burn Incense

 Incense is a favorite among weed smokers and can mask strong odors well. You can choose strong, floral or woodsy scents to help mask the stench of smoke or weed. The smoke from the incense will permeate throughout the room and sink into the furniture as well, which is an effective way to counteract bad smoke. Once you burn incense, the room will smell pleasant and welcoming for hours. If incense isn’t an option, then you can try a vaporizer or diffuser with a strong essential oil.

6. Activated Charcoal

 Activated charcoal has an amazing ability to eliminate all odors from a room. That is why it is used in so many air purifying projects. All you need to do is to place activated charcoal into small dishes and locate them in different corners of the room. The charcoal will absorb all the smoke in an hour and leave the space smelling clean.

Activated charcoal will also purify your air and get rid of some other pollutants, which makes it the perfect solution for marijuana smell removal. You can also place distilled vinegar in different corners of your room for even cleaner air.

If you’re wondering how to get rid of cigarette smell, these solutions can help keep your indoor environment clean. There are several other options available with a quick Google search as well.


With some ingenuity and the right products, it is possible to get rid of all kinds of smells from your home. You can also find a more private space outdoors to smoke and not to go through the trouble at all. Or you could just embrace the smell and let it dissipate naturally. If you’re smoking a cigarette, that shouldn’t be a problem. If you’re smoking weed, you need to keep the legalities of weed consumption in your region in mind.