12 Things You Could Do To Protect Wildlife

Human activity leads to a catastrophically rapid reduction of a lot of species of animals on Earth. This is primarily because of the wildlife destruction (especially in concerns of vulture habitat). To preserve the beauty of the surrounding world, it is not necessary to adhere to strict rules. You just need to learn a few simple points.

Nowadays there are a lot of wildlife conservation organizations which try to protect nature. But this is not enough because every person needs to make own contribution for this. Moreover global warming effects on animals in a very bad way. So we just have no rights to hurt animals. There are some things you could do to protect wildlife.

Do Not Kill Animals

Destroying an ant, or killing an innocent animal you ruin the wildlife. Think about it – they are an integral part of the ecosystem. Moreover, animals need our help because many animals already affected by climate change.

Do Not Mock Animals

Every animal is alive just like you. You need to understand that it can also feel pain.

Stamp A Fire Out

When resting in the woods, stamp a fire out after you, do not scatter burning cigarette butts, matches or coal. One single spark in dry grass can lead to catastrophic consequences.

Do Not Leave Garbage

The usual tin can be completely decomposed only after 10 years. The plastic bottle thrown in the woods will decompose 200-400 years. But it is the “long” garbage – glass bottles – the period of their complete collapse of over 1000 years.

Do Not Burn Garbage

Harmful substances are released in the air when burning waste.

Keep The Water Environmental Safe

Do not throw glass bottles, plastic garbage, and chemicals into the rivers, seas, and lakes – all this poisons the habitat of all aquatic living organisms.

Join Wildlife Groups

Visiting such an organization you will know more about wildlife. You can tell about all these things your friends or relatives. Spread the information about this problem.

Do Not Buy Products Made From Animals

Buying such things you make a profit. We should stop wildlife trafficking.


Even a little donation can help the animal. A wildlife conservation organization will use this money in an appropriate way.

Plant a Tree

The tree is a home for many birds and small animals such as squirrel and beavers.

Protect Fores

We should not cut down the forest because such actions can kill many animals and birds. The tree is a shelter for many kinds of wildlife habitats.

Drive Carefully

There are a lot of wild areas which are located near the roads. So be wary and do not drive so quickly for the safety both animals and you.

By following these very simple rules, one can help nature recover and preserve its pristine beauty. In turn, nature will not remain in front of us in debt, it will reward people with their gifts: clean air and water, rich and useful harvests, a huge variety of flora and fauna, rich resources.