Why Are People So Addicted To Their Smartphones?

why are people addicted to their phones


Many modern people just cannot imagine how to spend a day without using the phone. We all know that the main phone assignment is to call. But nowadays smartphones become not only a mean of communication but also a source of necessary information and a tool of the entertainment (especially it concerns of iPhone 5 series, iPhone 6/6S, iPhone 7 and 7Plus, iPhone X, iPhone XS, iPhone XS Max, etc). People are addicted to their cell phones. Everyone on their phones can find all the needed information and this is a good thing because in such a way you can save your time. The problem is people on their phones spend too much time. They find it more interesting than for example, go for a walk.

Some people are quite calm without phones. But for most this is a disaster to forget the smartphone at home, running out of the morning to work. The day that went without a phone is considered as wasted in vain. Mobile phones have become a source of entertainment. That is why people glued to their phones. The mood of a person is directly dependent on mobile devices. Without them, he or she cannot fully enjoy real life. That is one of the main reasons why people addicted to cell phones.

What Is Cell Phone Addiction?

In this article, you will learn all about the facts about technology addiction and its influence on human’s life. You cannot even suspect how much you are dependent on your phone. You can feel anxiety and even a panic because of phone loss. It occurs firstly due to an external factor. Today, the smartphone performs many functions: a working tool, a news source and information, a means of communication control and support, a player and a wallet. Losing a smartphone is a loss of the ability to solve a large number of tasks. This is an objective discomfort. So this is not strange that people are constantly on their phones.

Regular use of the phone for a long time, availability of more than one smartphone and permanent presence of a charger are the main features of phone addiction.

What Are The Side Effects Of Mobile Addiction?

Becoming more and more dependent on mobile devices, people tend to own the most modern gadget, regardless of its value. Therefore, a dependent person becomes more mercenary in relationships. In a society where mutual help and selflessness are valued, a person often feels lonely. It is difficult for him or her to make new friends.

Mobile devices interfere with normal sleep. Permanent correspondence takes them part of the night time. Therefore, during the day, people can feel tired. They have problems with concentration.

Recent studies have shown that teenagers who play a lot of violent, aggressive games on mobile devices are prone to aggression. They are also prone to rude and impolite attitude towards teachers.

You should know about the negative impact of smartphones on your health. But it does not oblige you to abandon modern technology at all. You just need to understand that the phone cannot replace real communication. You cannot spend all the time on your phone. Look around life is wonderful without a smartphone. Make a new friend, walk more on fresh air and live a real life.

8 Cool Home Offices That Will Increase Your Creativity

home office design ideas

Everyone needs a room of ones’ own. It should be pleasing, highly functional, and business savvy at the same time. Especially now when having home offices has become the latest trend. No matter whether you are a young designer, slowbanana administrator or writer you need to have proper surrounding. Home office design will definitely help you to stimulate and boost your creativity.

So, in this article, you can find all the necessary information to create a cool home office. Top 8 home office design ideas are here!

Utilize the color green

Green color helps you to be more productive and add life to your workspace. According to Feng shui, this paint color is associated with growth, calm, and decisiveness. Moreover, it might awake creative thoughts and helps to do well on creativity tasks.

By the way, plants and green accents in office décor help to keep your home office comfortable, ergonomic, and breathe new life into the workspace.

Optimize your space

There is an immense variety of small home office decoration ideas. All you need to know is that the home office does not require much space, but it does require a large amount of creativity. That is why you should not waste your space with devices in every corner. Get rid of a mess on your working desk and appreciate every moment in your cozy office.

 Include a proper lightning

The research shows that higher lighting levels and daylight simulating fixtures can improve productivity. That is why, when working from home, you should pay more attention to the location to optimize light levels and natural light.

Use small space furniture

It is well-known fact that too much furniture makes a tiny room cluttered. So, if you do not want to make it cramped, then it will be good to use home office furniture ideas. Such as an idea to avoid the use of big or leggy furniture pieces with no visual heft.

Make it a private space

Working from home makes it much harder to concentrate. The distractions from children, flatmates, and pets can hinder your creativity. So, if you have a private office in the quietest area of your home, then nothing would interrupt your work. And in its’ turn, work from home will be much more productively.


If you are hungry during the working time than all the genius thoughts will shut down. Moreover, if you go to the kitchen every time you feel hungry, then it takes a lot of time. So, it is obvious that you should solve these problems with the help of home office design ideas. The right decision for you is to keep some easy and quick premade snacks on your desk. As a result, nothing would obstruct your productivity, and you have enough time to realize your creativity.

Get artsy

Be sure, filling your place with the home office decorating vibrant and trendy pieces of art helps to energize your surroundings. Just create a proper mood with the pictures or unusual furniture pieces. You will be impressed with its’ keeping you motivated all working day long. In addition, you can not only shop for them but also create your own creative things.

Make it comfortable for you

It doesn’t matter, what are the latest trends in home office design. First of all, your workspace should appeal to you. If you feel comfortable there, then it’s the right place for you and your creativity as well.

8 Innovative Ways to Increase Brand Awareness

improve brand awareness

Nowadays, it is vital to boost brand awareness. No matter if you are an experienced company or just getting off the ground. Anyway, you want your customers to know about dollar tree survey even if they have nothing related to it.

In general, branding requires consistent action toward its attainment. If brand recognition is your aim than be ready to work hard. It will be necessary for you to put together the right game plan and follow it. And remember, crossing off all the right boxes along the way, the growth of your awareness will always suffer, perhaps never happening at all.

So, in this article, we will figure out which strategy best helps a famous brand company reach consumers. The best pieces of advice on how to create brand awareness are here. Top 8 brand recognition ways will increase brand awareness.

1. Give More To Receive More

It is a simple and obvious strategy. To achieve the significant success you need to put a lot of effort. At the beginning of your way, good advice is to sponsor a local team or charity organization. In both cases, you get recognition and do a good job.

2.  Use Promotional Products

At first glance, it seems to be already out of date. But it is well-known fact that people like the free stuff. Be sure, you will remember the smallest details printed on your neighbors’ shirt, kids’ pen and so on. So, use emblazoned products and be sure, this leads to getting your brand noticed.

3. Produce Quality Content

If you deliver ultra valuable, gorgeous looking content to share on other blogs, then you’ll be definitely introduced to new audiences and make a lasting impression. So, do not miss the chance and get your name known in this industry.

4. Social Media Contests

It is a trick you may use to engage more social media users. Just run a social media contest in which contestants submit the information, with other users voting for their favorites. To get more votes people will share your link with their friends, building your brand recognition as a result.

5. Unique Personality

It is important that your brand was not like the others. You need to be unique in every feature. And brand recognition is not an exception. You can always increase brand awareness by giving your brand a fun, unique identity or a memorable personality to advertise your company.

6. Pro Story Telling

Stellar storytelling will create an unforgettable impression. Especially is it is an emotionally moving of high-quality and with a deep sense.

7. Do Your SEO Research

The majority of consumers don’t look past the first page of search results. But on the other hand, it is important for you to be aware of all the details and attract more people. So, make the proper SEO research and be sure, that this will set you apart as an expert and leader in your industry.

8.  Influencer Marketing

There is the thought that building a relationship between your brand and influencers, you might attract them to promote your brand – free of charge. Anyway, it is worth trying as influential people can show you a new way on how to create brand awareness.

12 Things You Could Do To Protect Wildlife

wildlife conservation organizations

Human activity leads to a catastrophically rapid reduction of a lot of species of animals on Earth. This is primarily because of the wildlife destruction (especially in concerns of vulture habitat). To preserve the beauty of the surrounding world, it is not necessary to adhere to strict rules. You just need to learn a few simple points.

Nowadays there are a lot of wildlife conservation organizations which try to protect nature. But this is not enough because every person needs to make own contribution for this. Moreover global warming effects on animals in a very bad way. So we just have no rights to hurt animals. There are some things you could do to protect wildlife.

Do Not Kill Animals

Destroying an ant, or killing an innocent animal you ruin the wildlife. Think about it – they are an integral part of the ecosystem. Moreover, animals need our help because many animals already affected by climate change.

Do Not Mock Animals

Every animal is alive just like you. You need to understand that it can also feel pain.

Stamp A Fire Out

When resting in the woods, stamp a fire out after you, do not scatter burning cigarette butts, matches or coal. One single spark in dry grass can lead to catastrophic consequences.

Do Not Leave Garbage

The usual tin can be completely decomposed only after 10 years. The plastic bottle thrown in the woods will decompose 200-400 years. But it is the “long” garbage – glass bottles – the period of their complete collapse of over 1000 years.

Do Not Burn Garbage

Harmful substances are released in the air when burning waste.

Keep The Water Environmental Safe

Do not throw glass bottles, plastic garbage, and chemicals into the rivers, seas, and lakes – all this poisons the habitat of all aquatic living organisms.

Join Wildlife Groups

Visiting such an organization you will know more about wildlife. You can tell about all these things your friends or relatives. Spread the information about this problem.

Do Not Buy Products Made From Animals

Buying such things you make a profit. We should stop wildlife trafficking.


Even a little donation can help the animal. A wildlife conservation organization will use this money in an appropriate way.

Plant a Tree

The tree is a home for many birds and small animals such as squirrel and beavers.

Protect Fores

We should not cut down the forest because such actions can kill many animals and birds. The tree is a shelter for many kinds of wildlife habitats.

Drive Carefully

There are a lot of wild areas which are located near the roads. So be wary and do not drive so quickly for the safety both animals and you.

By following these very simple rules, one can help nature recover and preserve its pristine beauty. In turn, nature will not remain in front of us in debt, it will reward people with their gifts: clean air and water, rich and useful harvests, a huge variety of flora and fauna, rich resources.

Dimensions of Wellness or How to Live in Harmony


Wellness plays a significant role in providing a healthy fulfilling life. Many things have a direct impact on the state of well-being, so it is important to live in harmony with yourself, with your emotions, physical health and the environment. Wellness is an ongoing process of change and growth, but you should struggle to make this process well-balanced. All the branches of wellness such as physical, social, emotional, environmental, financial, intellectual, occupational and spiritual are interconnected and they can work on you only in case of full coordination.

The thing is that the sooner you start improving in all these areas the faster you will achieve a harmonic wealth. The process is individual, but the results can be achieved by everybody who is not afraid to change his daily routine and will take action.  Watching a video below, you will find out how to start making the first steps on the way to wellness and happiness.

Video source: www.youtube.com

What You Need to Do Before You Start Investing

Investment is a great way to earn more money. If you have considered investing, then you should be well prepared for this process. The first thing to know is the importance of building an emergency fund, money that you set aside to specifically cover any unexpected expenses that may come up. Then take a look at your entire financial situation and how much you can afford each month, for instance. Detracting debts can work as an investment either, so make sure you pay down all the credit card debts. Determine the value of everything you own when working to increase your wealth. Keep yourself motivated all the time to get the results you expect. And the main point is to know exactly what you do and why you do it. That’s why make sure you are well informed regarding stocks, bonds, mutual funds, and other investment basics.

Investing is a great way to build wealth and enjoy financial freedom in retirement (even early retirement!) via @maximizemoney

Infographic source: https://www.pinterest.com

Do Satellite Phones Work Everywhere?

do cell phones use satellites

You must have been gone through the time when you were in the middle of nowhere but you were unable to contact someone due to the limited cell phone coverage. Since the cell phones do not provide a network in various parts of the world because of the limited range of the cell phone terrestrial towers, therefore your travel series to the Everest or Sahara desert is usually ruined when you roam here and there for one bar of a signal that your cell phone can catch. To deal with this complex situation, technology has come up with the best solution that is “satellite phones”. It uses the sat phone plan for connectivity.

Who doesn’t love technology? We all do, it is such a magical feeling when you can video chat with the one you love who is several miles away, or when you put a simple key in the ignition to travel through many places in your car or heating your favorite food in seconds through the microwave. Technology has eased our lives in many ways, one of which is the satellite or sat phones. The question here arises is that do satellite phones work anywhere as it promises or not? In order to understand the coverage that sat phones provide, one must know what is a satellite phone, how it works?

What Is A Satellite Phone?

A satellite phone is a type of mobile phone that connects with the satellite rather than the cell phone towers to which the cell phone connects. The network coverage can range from a particular area to the entire earth depending on the type of service. Do cell phones use satellites too? No, not really, this is the reason that sat phones reaches to areas where the cell phone can’t. They let you call from anywhere around the world because their structure is out of the world. They do not depend on the towers but they transfer data directly through the satellites which are orbiting the earth. This huge technological leap let the sat phones to connect freely without the earth-based restrictions. Therefore they are the preferred communication devices for the areas which are poor or densely populated where natural disasters have destructed the system or where governments have put cell and internet restrictions.  Though a little bulkier, satellite telephones have all the capabilities that a normal smartphone has. The important thing to understand is that how the Satellite phone plan works?

How Does Satellite Telephone Work?

A good answer about the satellite phones how it works is described here. The satellite telephones rely on satellites to operate until now we are aware of this. But they tend to work differently which depends on the satellite system that the company deploys. Some companies go for geosynchronous satellites while some opt for low earth orbit (LEO) satellite systems. Each system has its own configurations, constellations, pros, and cons. The geosynchronous also known as GEO orbit or high earth orbit satellites stay in the same position in the sky and follows the earth as it spins. They are high altitude satellites which maintain a 22000 miles distance from earth and always centered above the Earth’s equator. They are large powerful satellites and each of them can cover a large area on the earth. If a company has a constellation of three to four GEO satellites than it can provide the network for most of the globe. They are meant to cater large volumes of data which means that the sat phones cannot only be used for voice calls but also for watching videos, sharing files, texting messages and much more. Thuraya and Inmarsat are the two companies that use geosynchronous satellites.

On the other hand, LEO is the low orbits satellites which are 930 miles away and are operated by the companies Iridium and Globalstar. The LEOs are considered as mosquitoes as compared to GEOs, but they possess various qualities. As they are very small, light and low in orbits, a company may need at least 60 satellites to provide coverage for all of the Earth. You may be in the range of two or more satellites at a particular time because they travel around the planet at 1700 miles per hour. These low and fast satellites provide better services as compared to GEO satellites as they require more time to process data. LEOs provide superior call quality, dependability and lower delays. The LEO satellite telephones are the preferred devices when you are in the emergency and need immediate contact. Though the LEOs are not suitable for watching videos, they are portable as compared to GEOs. However, an important thing to know about how do satellite phone plans work is that you need to have a line of sight in order to operate the satellite telephone, which means if you are indoors then it will be difficult to have a connection. If you are in the area when someone is calling you desperately but the connection doesn’t seem to fit then you will get a pager alert that someone wants to call you, once you move to a better location.

To be precise, the satellite phone sends signals to the satellite which then transmits it back down to the earth and here the station will route the call to the telephone network. Some cases also call for transmitting a signal from one satellite to another in order to transfer it to the Earth. The outbound calls done from the sat phones on the ground are transferred to the satellite in the line of sight and then reaches the correct satellite by traveling through some of the satellites in between and then transferred to the appropriate station at the ground.


Do satellite phones work anywhere is the tension that anyone who wants to purchase the sat phone is considered about. The satellite telephones have the capability to work around the globe though the conditions vary. The sat phone has to be under the sky in order to make a contact. Do cell phone use satellites? No, it doesn’t hat is why the cell phones cannot provide the coverage that satellite telephones can.

Green Card and Traveling Outside the USA

travel outside us

Once you become a permanent U.S resident, or get а TN 1 Visa, traveling abroad and back is easier. The new status of Legal Permanent resident (LPR) makes things easier. You will no longer be worried about expiration issues. However, you should be careful to maintain your American immigration status. Beware that having that green card does not mean there will be no restrictions. For example, your absence from the U.S. contributes to the decision to determine whether your intentions are becoming to attain a naturalized citizen. The general rule is that with a green card status, you cannot stay away for more than a year. However, this does not mean that there it is applicable to everyone at any time. Other contributing factors determine how long you can travel outside US.

Here are some of the key issues you must know to avoid jeopardizing your citizenship and relationship with the immigration authorities.


Passport from your Country of Origin and U.S Green Card

After you obtain your US green card, you will need to carry along your foreign passport whenever you travel. This passport will be used to enter other countries, as the green card alone is not sufficient to allow you entry into other countries. It is enough to get you back into the US but this is the only place you will be allowed entry. Remember that you must present a valid, unexpired green card upon to the United States every time you arrive. If you are leaving for more than a year, you will need a re-entry permit. Ensure that you secure it before leaving the country or you will lose the credibility of your status.

Maintaining your U.S Residence

It may seem simple and obvious but maintaining your home in the United States is important when traveling out of the country. If there is any indication or evidence showing you might be settling outside the United States appears, you will lose your status as an LPR. This is easily detectable by how long you stay outside of the U.S. If, for example, you spend less than a year as prescribed, it may show you have come back home. However, this is not enough evidence of your intention to make the U.S your permanent home. You may lose your U.S residency immediately you leave any indication of moving to another country. Some of the factors included in the investigation include your home, where you work, your car registration, and where your family leaves. These are just some of the indicators to your intents. Staying away for more than six months will subject you to an interrogation and questioning upon your return. Staying away for more than a year is, however, the clearest proof, you have decided to vacate the U.S and relocate to where you are staying. The best option would be to stay within the country as much as you can to avoid suspicion until you obtain the permanent resident status.

Losing your Green Card during Travel

As soon as your green card is lost while outside the U.S, you need to report to the nearest U.S embassy or consulate. You will obtain a U.S Government Transportation Letter. This document will serve as a temporal replacement upon reentry to the U.S. In case the green card was stolen, you should first, report to the local authorities to obtain a police report. This report will prove to the officers that you are acting in good faith and that; you may not have sold your card. This is not all; you will be filling the Application to Replace Permanent Resident Card and pay the appropriate fee during reentry.

The Possibility of Being Found Inadmissible Upon Return

The ability to travel internationally as a green card holder is challenging and may affect your status. Since you did your best to prove your credibility and admissibility, you need to maintain their confidence. Your credibility was based on criminal records, health conditions, the likelihood of becoming a public charge and so forth. Under certain circumstances, the grounds for inadmissibility are revisited during reentry. Some of the issues taken into consideration are; your absence from the U.S for a period exceeding 180 days, engage in illegal activity outside of the U.S, traveled while in the removal of extradition proceedings, or abandoned your status as an LPR. Other issues including attempting reentry via an unrecognized entry point or time.


It is important to study and learn green card travel restrictions to know how to stay safe from trouble with immigration. Green Card holder travel is more complicated than you may think. It is easy to lose your status as a resident after making mistakes about traveling outside the country and staying too long or losing your card.

Reasons You May Need Startup and Entrepreneur Counseling

startup career counseling

Why Are Startups and Entrepreneurship Amazing?

Entrepreneurship becomes so popular on social networks nowadays, and there are good reasons for that. Entrepreneurship gives you a huge number of opportunities and it has its own positive sides. First of all, you are going to be your own boss (if you need you can also ask Nevada US attorney for help), so nobody is going to tell you what to do, you can organize your time, your work, in most cases you can choose people you will work with.  It’s totally up to you how your office is going to look, what dress code you will use, or will there be a dress code at all. The startup gives you chance to do something you always wanted to do, something that you like to do. It’s even possible to use your hobbies and make a business of them. It only depends on you how much are you prepared to sacrifice for greater good.

Take Responsibility And Change The World

The world is full of new opportunities, fresh starts, and different ideas but not so many people are brave enough to take responsibility and use the advantages of the modern era. People are afraid of losing what they already have: they don’t want to go out from a cozy home, from the zone of conforming and invest in themselves, invest in the future. They are not able to look so far in future, to visualize what they could become, so they sacrifice what they could become for what they are.

Don’t be like that people, look in future, set your goals, and strive to them. Make something of yourself, take new courses, meet different people, learn something that you didn’t know, and teach yourself how to recognize the most brilliant ideas. Ideas are worthless if they just stay ideas, and this is the story of sacrificing your present for your future, invest in yourself now, and gather fruits later.

Become Role-Model

As we as kids we all had someone to look up to. Those were well-known sportsmen, scientists, writers, innovators, politicians etc. Now is a chance for you to be someone’s role model, to become that person that other people will imitate and follow. It is a great power, but also a great responsibility. To be someone’s idol you have to work day and night, trying to become a person, which moves and inspires other people. That are all benefits of becoming an entrepreneur, but it’s not an easy path, and you must have someone besides you who has much more experience and even knowledge to guide you and to be your mentor.

The Importance Of Startup-Counseling

While starting new the business is thrilling and interesting, it could also be a real nightmare. You will face many problems that you can’t solve at first glance. Also, it is possible that you don’t have any experience in the new branch. So you need startup career counseling. Understanding the importance of entrepreneur counseling could be crucial for your success.

  • Maybe You Have A Lack Of Skills.

It’s not so unusual for people that start a new business to don’t have enough skills for doing it. In this case, startup counseling is mandatory. You surely need someone that can teach you how job needs to be done and a few other things. It’s so hard starting something new without sharp knowledge about that area.

  • You Don’t Have Experience

Like in previous explanation, you feel unconfident when you are inexperienced and that may affect the results. You don’t want to have a bad start, especially when you are in fields of entrepreneurship.

  • You Need Support

Startups are not easy. There are obstacles in every corner. Facing problems is an ordinary thing in developing new business plans and strategies. You need someone that is 100 percent dedicated to you and your problems. You need someone who wants to listen to you complaining about the problems you face. It’s not easy to do that with your family and friends. First of all they maybe can’t understand you, and second, you can’t be always maximally honest with people which are close to you.

  • More Chances To Succeed

Statistically, people, which have a business coach, have more successes than people, which don’t. At the end of the day, it is totally logical. When there is a person who has already done everything you want to do, and that person gives you pieces of advice, you have more chance to succeed than other entrepreneurs, which work alone.

Basic Advice For Entrepreneurship

Here I am going to provide you some startup legal advice you should follow in order to become good entrepreneur.

1. Make Good Business Plan For Startup

Improvising could be useful and funny, but as an entrepreneur, you want to have under control as many things as possible. Make sure that before starting anything new you have good strategy for your business.

2. Be Creative Chose Right Name

Name of your brand must be catchy and trustworthy; you want everybody to know for your company, so find out the best possible name for job you do.

3. Follow Trends, Make Website

Nowadays, in era of computers and internet, if you don’t have a website, you don’t exist. Be sure that you have quality website that provides your customer with all the information and services they need.

4. Use Social Networks

Everything said in previous advice applies here. You want to have good communications with customers, so make sure that you keep your profiles on social networks up-to-date.

5. Quality Over Quantity

There is no better way to attract people other than providing good and quality products. Make something that will make your customers come again to you and buy from you.


As you can see, there are many reasons why you may need startup and entrepreneur counseling. Each of them means a lot. Thus, you have to consider all the above-mentioned advice. Be sure, they will help you to succeed in your business!

The Safest Methods to Transport Your Vehicle When You Move

car transportation

A necessity to move your car but not having a safe option to do it is a big problem. Shifting to a nearby area may cause you a little less trouble; however, moving across the country can be the real pain. So, what is the best car transport service? Take some minutes and read the below mentioned options that will help you to move your vehicle safe.

Drive It Yourself!

Yes, this option will save you a few bucks, but it is surely going to be tiresome. Making temporary stops would be necessary but it is going to turn your two days journey into five days. Driving your car to your new home has its own benefits. You can pack extra boxes, including more items that are fragile and anything that you will need for the day of the move.

Hire A Professional Driver

Moving your car across a country can cost you approximately $ 1000- $1500. This amount varies depending upon your car and the company you chose. Contact the automobile movers for long distances. By taking advantage of these services, you can move your car where it is supposed to be moved without causing you a lot of expense.

Hauling Your Car

There are definitely some advantages of using the DIY method.  If you plan to hire a moving van, many of them will come equipped with auto trailers so you can tow your car safely behind.  In addition to this, it is a more cost effective option. Moreover, you will also have the ability to use your vehicle for extra storage space.

Shipping Via Train

Many people are not aware of this option, that they can transport their vehicle across the country via train automobile services. You can actually load your stuff in the car and then load your car onto the Auto Train. Auto Trains can carry cars, SUVs, motorcycles and many more.

Shipping The Car Via A Professional Auto Transporter

One of the most popular ways to transport a car is to hire an auto transporter to ship it. By opting to ship, you don’t have to worry about driving your car to a long distance or putting miles on your beloved car. Shipping a vehicle is done by either placing the car on an open-air trailer or an enclosed truck. The cost of this shipment will depend on many factors, including the size of your car and the distance of the move. You’ll also want to check whether the company plans to ship your car in an open-air truck or an enclosed truck, as this could affect the price. Shipping your precious car via an enclosed truck will cost much more.  But if you’re worried about weather conditions or possible damage to your car, choosing an enclosed truck may be the safest way to get the vehicle from point A to point B. Make sure to ask whether the company ships door-to-door or requires the customer to pick up their car at a local hub.

Cargo Container

If you need to ship your vehicle overseas, the only real option to do it will be via a cargo container. Shipping containers are generally between 20 and 40 feet in length, but different sizes are used. You’ll need to find a company that offers international auto transportation. They can easily be found with a simple web search. It is important to provide them with all the necessary ownership paperwork to help transport your car through customs. It is not necessary to fill an entire container with your cars, as the transporter will typically be filling the container with other customers’ cars as well. Your car will be loaded and properly secured so that it will not move during transport.


Whether you are planning to move your car yourself or hiring the auto mobile movers, make sure you insure the journey as your usual insurance company may not cover the cost in case of any accidents. It is always best to have your transporter provide a Certificate of Insurance. This certificate should include coverage amounts for liability, workers comp, cargo limits, and deductible if applicable.

Preparing Your Car For Transport

After choosing an auto transport company you feel comfortable with, it is time to prepare your car for shipping. Car exporters normally charge a non-run fee if the automobile cannot be driven on and off the trailer. Make sure that there is gas in the tank and that your battery is fully charged as it helps to prevent being charged with this fee. Also, check the antifreeze level to ensure that it is suitable for the temperature the car will sustain during transport to avoid a cracked engine block or other problems. It is also not recommended to ship additional items in the car because if not properly secured these items can cause damage to your car. Make sure you do a thorough inspection before handing over your car to the transporters. This will benefit you in case of any damages while transporting your vehicle.


Now you know more about how to transport your car safely and stress-free. That is why if you are going to relocate to the other state or country, you have to take into consideration all the above-mentioned recommendations to be sure your car will be safely transported to the required destination.